Fernando López-Gallego

Fernando López-Gallego was born and raised in Villaminaya, a small town in the region of La Mancha (Spain), the land where Don Quixote’s famous adventures took place. In 2007, he completed his doctoral studies under the guidance of Professor Guisan and Professor Fernández-Lafuente at the Institute of Catalysis (ICP-CSIC) in Madrid, receiving his PhD from the University Autonoma of Madrid. He then joined Professor Schmidt-Dannert’s laboratory at the University of Minnesota (USA) as a postdoctoral researcher. Later on, he moved to the REPSOL R&D Center in Madrid where he worked at the implementation of biocatalysis in industrial processes. In 2013, he started his independent career at CIC biomaGUNE (Donostia, Spain). In 2017, he moved to University of Zaragoza as ARAID senior researcher to lead the heterogeneous biocatalysis laboratory. Finally, in 2019, he came back to CIC biomaGUNE (Donostia, Spai) as IKERBASQUE professor where he is currently merging enzymes with advanced materials to fabricate the next generation of multi-functional heterogeneous biocatalysts.

2007                  University Autonoma of Madrid (Spain), PhD in Molecular Biology


2019-Present     CIC biomaGUNE (Donostia, Spain), IKERBASQUE Professor

2017-2019          University of Zaragoza (Zaragoza, Spain),  ARAID senior researcher

2014-2017          CIC biomaGUNE (Donostia, Spain), IKERBASQUE fellow

2013-2014          REPSOL (Mostoles, Spain), Technologist

2010-2013          ICP-CSIC (Madrid, Spain),  Juan de la Cierva Postodoctoral associate

2007-2010          University of Minnesota (St Paul, USA), Postodoctoral associate

ORCID ID: 0000-0003-0031-1880

​Researcher ID: D-3462-2014